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If you’ll pardon my boastfulness, I am widely considered to be the father of the science fiction genre.
Some people may say I share that title with Jules Verne.

Those people are, of course, living garbage.

HG Wells (Paul F. Tompkins) throwing it down on the first episode of The Dead Authors Podcast (via alexleefitz)
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The moment when Ben Schwartz discovers that the author of his favorite book is an anti-semite, while in character as that author live on stage.

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It hurts to fall from so high.

It hurts to fall from so high.

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Tomorrow is a repeat. It will be just like today, so make today a good one.

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bees abuzz

forgetting what an acro series was

and I’ll be doing what aliya does

at world champs…

some bling in my hand

the smoothest onodi in the land

surprisingly on the bronze medal stand

at world champs…



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